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  • Organizing Committee:
  • Veronique Bouchet (EC)
  • Greg Carmichael (U. Iowa)
  • Paula Davidson (NOAA)
  • Mike Howe (EC)
  • Jim Meagher (NOAA)
  • Craig Stroud (EC)
  • Workshop Coordinator:
  • Greg Frost (NOAA)
Annual Workshops

International Workshop on Air Quality Forecasting Research


Theme1: Challenges in PM Forecasting
Ravan Ahmadov (U Colorado, NOAA)The sensitivity of PM2.5 aerosol modeling in WRF-CHEM to chemical and meteorological parameterizations
Youngsin Chun (NIMR/Korea)Asian Dust Aerosol Model Operated in Korea
Colleen Farrell (EC)Sea Salt Flux Parameterization Sensitivity in the Chemical Transport Model AURAMS: The contribution of naturally occurring sea salt aerosol to fine particulate mass in Atlantic Canada PDF file
Jeong Eun Kim (NIMR/Korea)
presented by Youngsin Chun (NIMR/Korea)
Intensive Network of PM10 for Asian Dust Early Warning System in Korea
Pius Lee (NOAA)Profiling of the operational and experimental code of the National Air Quality Forecasting Capability PDF file
Paul Makar (EC)High Resolution Simulations of Particle Sulfate Formation in Lake Breeze Fronts: Process Tracking and Implications for Forecasting PDF file
Sylvain Ménard (EC)A new Canadian operational air quality forecast model: GEM-MACH15 PDF file
Steven Peckham (U Colorado, NOAA)Progress made towards including wildfires in real-time cloud resolving forecasts at NOAA/ESRL and examining its impact upon weather and air quality PDF file
Craig Stroud (EC)Condensation of Gasoline Exhaust Organic Vapour onto Sulfate Aerosol: Flow Tube Studies and Regional Air Quality Modeling PDF file
James Wilczak (NOAA)Meteorological Dependence of Surface PM2.5 During the TEXAQS II Field Program: A Comparison of AIRNow Observations with the NMM-CMAQ & WRF-Chem Models
Jian Zeng (ERT, NOAA)Automatic Smoke Detection and Tracking Applied to GOES Observations PDF file
Theme2: Treating Intermittent Sources in Forecast Models
Mary Barth (NCAR)Implementing Lightning-NOx for studies of Thunderstorms and Chemistry PDF file
Serena Chung (Washington State U)Incorporating the Wind Erosion Prediction System (WEPS) for Windblown Dust into a Regional Air Quality Modeling System PDF file
Masayuki Takigawa (AMEST/Japan)Comparison of the distribution of mineral dust calculated by WRF/Chem with the Mie scattering Lidar observations in East Asia PDF file
Christine Wiedinmyer (NCAR)Estimating emissions and air quality impacts from fires
Theme3: Air Quality and Weather Forecasts: Two-way Interactions
Wayne Angevine (U Colorado, NOAA)Improving boundary layer representation for air quality modeling: Stable, cloudy, and coastal boundary layers PDF file
Evelyn Grell (U Colorado, NOAA)Comparisons of Offline and Online Air Quality Simulations in California's Central Valley PDF file
Sara Michelson (U Colorado, NOAA)Evaluation of the Summertime Low-Level Winds Simulated by MM5 in the Central Valley of California PDF file
Youhua Tang (SAIC, NOAA)Progress on NEMS/NMMB-AQ Development PDF file
Theme4: Post Processing of Air Quality Forecasts
Hermann Jakobs (U Cologne)Chemical Weather Forecast for Europe and selected regions -Evaluation and Model Output Statistics PDF file
Fahim Khokhar (LATMOS/France)Use and Validation of GEMS Chemical Forecasts during the POLARCAT - France 2008 Campaigns PDF file
Shobha Kondragunta (NOAA)Observed and Modeled Diurnal Variation in Tropospheric Nitrogen Dioxide
Stuart McKeen (U Colorado, NOAA)Seven air quality forecasts and their ensemble: upper-air comparisons with ozone and aerosol lidar data during the TexAQS-2006 field study PDF file
Vincent-Henri Peuch (CNRM-GAME, Météo-France, CNRS)Towards European-scale Air Quality operational services for GMES Atmosphere PDF file
Jacques Rousseau (EC)Canadian new Air Quality Health Index, 2008 Evaluation PDF file
Andrew Teakles (EC)Development of XM statistical tool for air quality forecasting PDF file
Sarah Wong (EC)Air Quality Model Evaluation for Summer 2009 with Specific Focus on Aug 15-17th PDF file
Theme5: Chemical Data Assimilation in AQ Forecasts
Greg Carmichael (U Iowa)Rapid Update of Emissions Using Chemical Data Assimilation PDF file
Claire Granier (LATMOS/France, U Colorado, NOAA)An integrated forecasting system for global reactive gases in the troposphere and stratosphere-The GRG sub-project of MACC PDF file
Richard Ménard (EC)Estimated error variances derived from assimilation residuals in observation space PDF file
Gregory Osterman (JPL, Cal Tech)Impact of long range transport on surface air quality in the US: Recent insights from satellite assimilation PDF file
Arastoo Pour-Biazar (U Alabama)Examining the utilization of satellite observations in improving air-quality predictions PDF file
Qiang Zhao (NOAA)Assimilation of Satellite Derived Aerosol Products to Improve PM2.5 Predictions PDF file