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Staff Lists

Office of ESRL Director

Name Affiliation Email Phone
Mahoney, Jennifer Federal Jennifer.Mahoney@noaa.gov 303-497-4122
Schmidt, Allan Federal Allan.Schmidt@noaa.gov 303-497-4157
Stein, Theo Federal Theo.Stein@noaa.gov 303-497-6288
Stewart, Katy Federal Katy.Stewart@noaa.gov 303-497-6005
Zezula, David Federal David.J.Zezula@noaa.gov 303-497-6647

Laboratory Staff

Office of NOAA Boulder Executive Director

Name Affiliation Email Phone
Allison, William Federal William.Allison@noaa.gov 303-497-5408
Beeler, Rich Contractor Rich.Beeler@noaa.gov 303-497-6841
Collander, Randall Contractor Randall.S.Collander@noaa.gov 303-497-5960
Koes, Stephanie Federal Stephanie.Koes@noaa.gov 303-497-6088
Mascola, Mike Contractor Mike.Mascola@noaa.gov 303-497-4487
Nesnadny, Kim Contractor Kim.Nesnadny@noaa.gov 303-497-3033
Owens, Crysti Federal Crysti.Owens@noaa.gov 303-578-8816
Venema, Sarah Federal Sarah.Venema@noaa.gov 303-497-6045
Vergoth, Karin Cooperative Institute Karin.Vergoth@noaa.gov 303-497-5125

NOAA Boulder Library

Name Affiliation Email Phone
Draper, Daniel Contractor Daniel.Draper@noaa.gov 303-497-5750
Kistner, Laura Federal Laura.A.Kistner@noaa.gov 303-497-3788
Mandani, Aurelia Federal Aurelia.Mandani@noaa.gov 303-497-5565
Meyer, Erin Contractor Erin.Meyer @noaa.gov 303-335-0103
Smith, Carrie Federal Carrie.Smith@noaa.gov 303-497-5558