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The NOAA Earth System Research Laboratories (ESRL) pursue a broad and comprehensive understanding of the many physical, chemical and biological processes that comprise the Earth system to better predict their behavior from minutes to millennia on local to global scales. Learn more

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NOAA P-3 aircraft. Credit: CIRES

Chemical Sciences Laboratory

Research to advance understanding of climate, air quality, and the stratospheric ozone layer.

A plastic balloon being launched at the South Pole, with Auroras in the background. Credit: Patrick Cullis, CIRES/NOAA

Global Monitoring Laboratory

Taking the pulse of the planet with accurate, long-term, global observations and analyses to advance understanding of the Earth system.

Cloud photo credit: NOAA/PSL

Global Systems Laboratory

Making forecasts better through applied research and directed development.

Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam in July 2004. Credit: Bradley Udall, Univ. of Colorado

Physical Sciences Laboratory

Weather, climate and hydrologic research to advance the prediction of water availability and extremes.