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Make Our Planet Great Again selections

5 January 2018

Barbara Ervens

Barbara Ervens

Joost deGouw

Joost deGouw

President Macron of France announced the selection of 18 scientists to study climate change in France as part of his Make Our Planet Great Again initiative. Of the 13 scientists from the United States, five are from Colorado and two are from CSD / CIRES: Barbara Ervens and Joost de Gouw.

Barbara Ervens was selected to join the Institute of Chemistry of Clermont-Ferrand to work on biological processes in clouds.

Joost deGouw was selected to join the Institute of Research on Catalysis and the Environment of Lyon.

Congratulations to Barbara and Joost for their selection and we wish them every success. While their departures will be a significant loss to the Boulder community, our collaborations with them are sure to continue in coming years.

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