Workshop Home
  • Organizing Committee:
  • Veronique Bouchet (EC)
  • Greg Carmichael (U. Iowa)
  • Paula Davidson (NOAA)
  • Mike Howe (EC)
  • Jim Meagher (NOAA)
  • Craig Stroud (EC)
  • Workshop Coordinator:
  • Greg Frost (NOAA)
Annual Workshops

International Workshop on Air Quality Forecasting Research


Wednesday, 2 December 2009
8:30-8:45Welcome and Goals for the Workshop
Speaker: Jim Meagher (NOAA)
8:45-10:20Plenary Session: Research Needs from the Practitioner's Perspective
Chair: Jim Meagher (NOAA)
8:45-9:15Keith Puckett (EC)Research Needs from the EC Perspective PDF file
9:15-9:45Paula Davidson (NOAA)Research Needs from the NOAA Perspective PDF file
9:45-10:15Adrian Simmons (ECMWF)Research Needs from the European Perspective PDF file
10:40-14:00Theme 1: Challenges in PM Forecasting
Chair: Jerome Fast (PNNL)
10:40-11:00Alma Hodzic (NCAR)Can 3D Models Explain Observed Primary and Secondary, Fossil and non-Fossil Organic Aerosols? PDF file
11:00-11:20Ho-Chun Huang (SAIC, NOAA)The Impact of Transcontinental Transport on US Particulate Matter Prediction PPT file
11:20-11:40Mike Moran (EC)The PM Module in the New Canadian Operational AQ Forecast Model GEM MACH15: Current Status and Future Plans PDF file
11:40-12:00Paul Makar (EC)High Resolution Simulations of Particle Sulfate Formation in Lake Breeze Fronts: Process Tracking and Implications for Forecasting PDF file
13:00-13:20Wanmin Gong (EC)Evaluating Cloud Processes in Particulate Matter Forecasting PDF file
13:20-13:40Jerome Fast (PNNL)How Do We Know that Aerosol Forecasts are Improving for the Right Reasons? PDF file
13:40-14:00Discussion PDF file
14:20-16:00Theme 2: Treating Intermittent Sources in Forecast Models
Chair: Stuart McKeen (NOAA)
14:20-14:40Daewon Byun (NOAA)Improving Air Quality Forecasting through Incremental Reduction of Input Uncertainties PDF file
14:40-15:00Youngsin Chun (NIMR/Korea)Asian Dust Early Warning System in Korea PDF file
15:00-15:20Hermann Jakobs (U Cologne)Dust Storm Simulation with the Regional Air Quality Forecast Model EURAD PDF file
15:20-15:40David Lavoué (EC)Capacity for Forest Fire Forecasting in the Canadian Air Quality Model GEM-MACH PDF file
15:40-16:00Discussion PDF file
16:00-18:30Poster Session for all Themes
Thursday, 3 December 2009
8:30-10:10Theme 3: Air Quality and Weather Forecasts: Two-way Interactions
Chair: Véronique Bouchet (EC)
8:30-8:50Georg Grell (NOAA)Impact of smoke from the ALASKA 2004 wildfires on radiation and cloud microphysics using WRF-Chem PDF file
8:50-9:10Rohit Mathur (EPA)The WRF-CMAQ Two-way Coupled Modeling System: Development, Testing, and Initial Applications PDF file
9:10-9:30Sarah Lu (NOAA)The NEMS/GFS-GOCART System: Overview, Status, and Preliminary Results PDF file
9:30-9:50Alexander Baklanov (Danish Met Institute)
given by Georg Grell (NOAA)
Overview Of European Research In Online Coupled NWP & ACT Modeling With Two-Way Interaction PDF file
9:50-10:10Discussion PDF file
10:30-13:50Theme 4: Post Processing of Air Quality Forecasts
Chair: Mike Moran (EC)
10:30-10:50Stavros Antonopoulos (EC)Forecasting O3, PM25 and NO2 three-hourly spot concentrations using an updatable MOS methodology PDF file
10:50-11:10Edouard Debry (INERIS/France)Using ensemble modeling to improve particulate matter forecasting in France PDF file
11:10-11:30Irina Djalalova (U Colorado, NOAA)Ensemble and bias-correction techniques for forecasting surface O3 and PM2.5 during the TEXAQS-II experiment of 2006 PDF file
11:30-11:50Scott Jackson (EPA)Post Processing of Air Quality Forecasts for the AIRNow Forecaster Community PDF file
12:50-13:10Frederik Meleux (INERIS/France)
given by Edouard Debry (INERIS/France)
Post-processing of the PREVAIR operational air quality system over Europe combining model outputs and observations PDF file
13:10-13:30William Ryan (Penn State U)Operational Use of Air Quality Numerical Forecast Model Guidance PDF file
13:30-13:50Discussion PDF file
14:10-16:30Theme 5: Chemical Data Assimilation in AQ Forecasts
Chair: Greg Carmichael (U. Iowa)
14:10-14:30Vincent-Henri Peuch (CNRM-GAME, Météo-France, CNRS)Chemical data assimilation for AQ prognoses over Europe in GEMS/MACC PDF file
14:30-14:50Adrian Sandu (Virginia Tech)Hybrid Methods for Chemical Data Assimilation PDF file
14:50-15:10Tianfeng Chai (STC, NOAA)Data assimilation and air quality forecasting using CMAQ PDF file
15:10-15:30Richard Ménard (EC)Coupled stratospheric chemistry-dynamics modeling and assimilation PDF file
15:30-15:50Mariusz Pagowski (Colorado State U, NOAA)Three-dimensional variational data assimilation of ozone and fine particulate matter observations: Some results using the Weather Research and Forecasting-Chemistry model and Gridpoint Statistical Interpolation PDF file
15:50-16:10R. Bradley Pierce (NOAA)Real-time Air Quality Modeling System aerosol and ozone assimilation and forecasting experiments during the NOAA ARCPAC field mission PDF file
16:10-16:30Discussion PDF file
16:30-17:00Workshop Wrap-up
Speakers: Jim Meagher (NOAA), Mike Howe (EC)