NOAA-EPA Brewer Spectrophotometer UV and Ozone Network

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***** What's New *****

Due to budgetary constraints, all future field maintenance and calibrations of the NEUBrew Network instruments will cease. As the Brewers fail or their calibrations drift outside of tolerance, the instruments will be shut down and removed from service.

Brewer 144 located at the Bondville, IL tracker has been repaired and is collecting data. However, the data from this instrument will not be made available between Oct 23, 2011 to present due to data quality issues caused by an undetermined loss of instrument sensitivity. 2013-12-10

Brewer 154 located at the Houston, TX has been repaired and is collecting data. 2013-11-29

Brewer 140 located at the Raleigh, NC station has been repaired and now collecting UV and Ozone data. 2010-10-14

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The NOAA/EPA Brewer Spectrophotometer Network consists of six stations located in the western, central and eastern United States. Brewer instruments provide daily Ultra-Violet (UV) Radiation and Total-Column Ozone measurements. Many Brewers are co-located at NOAA SURFRAD stations equipped with Total Surface Radiation Budget instrumentation, and Total Sky Imagers.

Brewer Deployments:
TMTF, COJuly 1, 2006
Houston, TXJuly 24, 2006
MRS, COOct 25, 2006
Bondville, IL     Sep 25, 2006
Raleigh, NCOct 13, 2006
Ft. Peck, MTNov 07, 2006