Workshop on Stochastic Dynamical Systems & Climate Modeling

April 9, 2007

Photo of Banff, AB, Canada Researchers from the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory will participate in the "Workshop on Stochastic Dynamical Systems and Climate Modeling," April 15-20, 2007, at Banff International Research Station, Canada. Cecile Penland will present a talk entitled "Adaptive Stochastic Modeling Using Data Assimilation"; Prashant Sardeshmukh will present a talk entitled "Reconciling Non-Gaussian Climate Statistics with Linear Theory"; and Philip Sura will present a talk entitled "A Global View of Non-Gaussian SST Variability."

The environment in which we live correlates directly to climate. Understanding climate is of tremendous economic and social importance, and mathematical models are a key component of understanding the climate system. The objective of the workshop is to bring together climate scientists and applied mathematicians in order to foster interactions and inspire advancements in mathematical modeling. Participation in this workshop supports NOAA's mission goal of understanding climate variability and change to enhance society's ability to plan and respond, and NOAA's cross-cutting priority of international cooperation and collaboration.

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