Hovmoller of OLR Totals from 7.5S to 7.5N
Time-longitude (Hovmoller) section of various OLR products averaged from 7.5S to 7.5N. Shaded is the 3-day running mean total OLR field. Contoured are the anomalies calculated by filtering the total OLR for the specific regions of the wavenumber-frequency domain defined in Fig. 1a or 1b. Note the close correspondence between the solid (negative) contours of the filtered fields with the red shading (low values) of the 3-day running mean total field, indicating the significant amount of variability of the OLR that is captured by the MJO and convectively coupled equatorial waves.

For a similar plot, but showing the 3-day running mean OLR anomalies (with mean and seasonal cycle removed) as the shaded field, click here.