Dataset Date Ranges

NU = Not updated
IR = Irregular updates (by hand)
IRA = Irregular updates (by cron)

DatasetsStart DateEnd DateUpdate Code PersonTotal spaceyr incrcron? file sourceSpace Left in filesystemnetcdf version
Boulder station Jan 1948 Mar 2017 /psd/boulder/script1.shCAS0.002G 0.02Mascii
Prec (CHEN) Precipitation Jan 1948 Mar 2017 BASE/Chen/getdata.plCAS0.046G 2.00Mlinux64 /home/dmwork/chen/
Precl (CHEN) Precipitation Jan 1948 Mar 2017 BASE/Chen/getdata.plCAS0.046G 2.00Mlinux64 /home/dmwork/chen/
CMAP Precipitation Jan 1979 Mar 2017 BASE/cmap NOT auto but script checksCAS 0.190G6.00Minta /home/dmwork/cmap
COBE Jan 1891 BASE/COBE/update.cobe.grb.plCAS CAS150Mlinux64 /home/dmwork/COBE/netCDF4
COBE2 Jan 1850 BASE/COBE/update.cobe2.grb2.plCAS CAS510Mlinux64 /home/dmwork/COBE/netCDF4
CPC Daily Unified Precip Jan 1948 Apr 25 2017 BASE/cpc_us_precip/update.v1.0.plCAS 1.850G30.80Mlinux64 /home/dmwork/cpc_us_precip/netCDF4
CPC Soil Moisture Jan 1948 Mar 2017 BASE/CPC.soilw/update_cpcsoil CAS 3G204Mlinux64 /home/dmwork/cpcsoil/netCDF4
CPC Hourly Precipitation Jul 1948Dec 2002 BASE/cpchrpcp (NU)CAS1.300G 0.00M----- /Datasets/cpc_us_hour_precipnetCDF3
CRU Air Temperature V2 Jan 1851 Dec 2005 BASE/cru_updates/update_cru (NU)CAS 0.055G0.00M /Datasets/cru/*2*netCDF3
CRU Air Temperature V3Jan 1851 May 2014 BASE/cru_updates3/update_cru CAS0.140G0.87M linux64/home/dmwork/crutem3/* and /hadcru3/*netCDF3
CRU Air Temperature V4Jan 1851 BASE/cru_updates4/update_cru CAS0.140G0.87M linux64/home/dmwork/crutem4/* and /hadcru4/*netCDF4
Dai Palmer Drought Severity Index Jan 1870 Dec 2005 BASE/dai_pdsi (NU) CAS0.052G0.38M /Datasets/dai_pdsi/netCDF3
ECMWF Reanalysis 40 Jan 1957Nov 2002 Never updated. Moribund N/A398G0.00M /Datasets.private2/ecmwf*netCDF3
GHCNCAMS Jan 1948 Mar 2017 BASE/GHCNCAMS/update.ghcncams.plCAS 0.400G3.00Mlinux64 /Datasets/ghcncams/air.mon.mean.ncnetCDF4
Hadley Sea Ice SST Jan 1870 Feb 2017 BASE/hadsst/update_hadsst.plCAS 0.422G3.00Mlinux64 /Datasets.private/hadley/ and /nasnetCDF4
Hadley SLP Jan 1850 Dec 2004BASE/hadslp/CAS 0.008G0.00M /home/dmwork/hadslp2/slp.mnmean.ncnetCDF3
Hadley SLP2 Jan 1850 Jan 2017 BASE/hadslp2/update_hadslp2 CAS 0.020G0.12M /home/dmwork/hadslp/netCDF3
GISTEMP Jan 1880 Mar 2017 BASE/gistemp/update CAS0.408G03.09M /home/dmwork/gistempnetCDF4
GODAS Jan 1980 Mar 2017 /home/dmwork/GODAS/newGRIBs/ Hoop25.0G730.20M linux128/Datasets/godasnetCDF3
GPCC Combined Jan 1951 Jan 2017 BASE/gpcc/update_gpcc CAS2.90G /nas/csmith/GPCCnetCDF3
GPCP V2 Precipitation Jan 1979 Aug 2016 BASE/gpcp/update_gpcp CAS0.032G1.00M /home/dmwork/gpcpnetCDF4 (means)
ICOADSJan 1800 Mar 2017 SJL73G956.57M netCDF3
Interpolated OLRApr 1974 Dec 2013 BASE/interp_OLRCAS0.290G 7.40M/Datasets/interp_OLRnetCDF3
JMA Temp Jan 1891 BASE/jmatemp/update.jmatemp.plCAS7.4M .06M/home/dmwork/jmatemp/netCDF4
Kaplan SST Jan 1856 Mar 2017 BASE/update.kapl.plCAS0.009G 0.06M/home/dmwork/kaplan_sst/netCDF4
MSU Jan 1979Nov 1996NU CAS0.613G0.00M /Datasets/msunetCDF3
MLOST Jan 1880 [an error occurred while processing this directive] cas? XG/Datasets/mlost?>netCDF4
NARR Jan 1979 Dec 31, 2016 SJL5800G 203.00G/Datasets/NARR298GnetCDF3
NCEP Operational Analysis Jan 1979 Apr 25, 2017 /data/map/linux/RNL/get_cas_rnlMap 19G612.90M /home/dmwork/FNL/netCDF3
NCEP Marine Jan 1991 Feb 2011 /home/dmwork/ncep.updateEnds 2010/12 690M0.00M -----netCDF3
NOAA Extended Reconstructed SST Jan 1854 Mar 2017 BASE/noaaersst_updates/update_noaaersst.v3 CAS 0.240G1.30M linux64/home/dmwork/noaa.ersst/netCDF4
NOAA Merged TemperaturesJan 1880 Apr 2015 BASE/noaamerged/update 0.077G0.12M /home/dmwork/noaamerged/netCDF3
NOAA High Res SST Jan 1985 Apr 25 2017 ? Map85G2742.00M /home/dmwork/noaa.highres/data/sst*
NOAA Optimum Interpolation (OI) SST V2 Dec 1981 Apr 16 2017 oisstv2_updates/update_oisstv2
Hoop0.730G21.6M linux128/Datasets/noaa.oisst.v2netCDF3
NCEP-NCAR Reanalysis 1 Jan 1948 Apr 24, 2017 /home/dmwork/R1_{4x,DA},/home/dmwork/N_WRSMap,Hoop 563G8571.0MnetCDF4
Prism Products Jan 1895 Mar 2017 BASE/prism/update_prismCAS2.4G linux64/Datasets.private/prism/netCDF4
PSD Derived NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Jan 1948 Mar 2017 /home/dmwork/R1_monthly, etc. Hoop,CAS38G
NCEP/DOE AMIP-II Reanalysis (Reanalysis-2) Jan 1979 Dec 2016 SJL240.0G750M netCDF3
NOAA Highly Reflective Clouds Jan 1971Jan 1988 Never updated; moribund 0.458G0.00M /Datasets/noaa.hrcnetCDF3
NODC (Levitus) World Ocean Atlas 1994N/A N/ANever updated; moribund 0.565G0.00M /Datasets/nodc.woa94netCDF3
NODC (Levitus) World Ocean Atlas 1998 N/AN/A Never updated; moribund 3.4G 0.00M/Datasets/nodc.woa94netCDF3
NH Snow EASE Jan 19711995 BASE/snowCAS0.020G 0.00M/Datasets/snowcovernetCDF3
Uninterpolated OLRJan 2002 Apr 25 2017 /data/map/linux/OLR/olr.daily.scrmap 0.079G8.78M /Datasets/interp_OLRnetCDF3
20thC Reanalysis V2Jan 1871 Dec 2010 /Datasets.private2/.NARRsave/20thCentReanHoop 4500G59GIR /Datasets/20thC_ReanV2/281GnetCDF4
UDEL Precip and Air Temp.Jan 1950 Dec 2010 BASE/UDEL 2.500G 0.00M/Datasets/udel.airt.precipnetCDF3(v201) and netCDF4 (v301) not copied yet
US climate Division Jan 1895 Mar 2017 webint:/home/csmith/data/usclimdiv/CAS 0.026G0.24M /Datasets.private/usclimdivs/binary

Other datasets:

  1. BAO Tower:   2016/07/27
  2. Eureka:   2017/01/22

Link to timeseries dates

Old, removed datasets
  1. 20thC Reanalysis V1
  2. NCEP Pacific Ocean Analysis