Interpreting Climate Conditions

Goal:  The research activity, Interpreting Climate Conditions, seeks to provide an explanation of evolving climate conditions and to assess their predictability.
What's Happening Now?

2011-4 California Drought Report

What's Happened Recently?

2010 Temperature Comparison

What's Likely to Happen?

heat wave future

NEW Teleconference for "Explaining Extreme Events of 2014"
Causes and Predictability of the 2011-14 California Drought
(Audio of California Drought Study Teleconference)
(Audio of follow-up interview with Marty Hoerling)

Webinar: Climate Change and Extreme Weather
Webinar: Extreme Weather Attribution
(Slides from Webinar)
Current Conditions (PSD Map Room)

An Interpretation of the Origins of the 2012 Central Great Plains Drought
Climate Change and Hurricane Sandy
A conversation about extreme weather
June Heat in Colorado
2012 March U.S. Heat Wave
2010 Russian Heat Wave
2011 Tornado Season
How will droughts change?
How will heat waves change?