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Overview of Atmospheric River Related Projects

Project Lead Agency Partners Dates Report/Link Highlights
HydroMeteorology Testbed (HMT) NOAA NWS, CA DWR, Scripps, USGS, USACE, SCWA 2004 - current Advance understanding and prediction of ARs and role in extreme precipitation; forecaster training and new tools
Enhanced Flood Response & Emergency Preparedness (EFREP- HMT West Legacy) California Dept. of Water Resources (CA-DWR) Scripps, NOAA 2008 - current Brochure Detecting and predicting AR conditions by Implement 21st Century observing system and decision support tool ("flux tool")
CalWater Experiment California Energy Commission (CEC) NOAA, Scripps, UCSD, DOE 2008 - current CalWater web page Explores implications for future water supply and extreme precipitation/flood; AR interactions with the Sierra Nevada mountains and how might ARs change in a changing climate
ARkStorm USGS NOAA, CalEMA, other 2009 - current Multi-Hazard West Coast Winter Storm Project Informed a major emergency preparedness scenario; series of landfalling ARs in California could cause > $500 Billion in damages
Howard Hanson Dam Crisis Rapid Response NOAA US Army Corps of Engineers 2009 - 2011 BAMS article Damage to key dam raised flood risk for Seattle; Atmospheric river observatory (ARO) and AR-focused training proved key in a coordinated effort to mitigate flood risk
Winter Storms and Atmospheric Rivers (WISPAR) NOAA NASA, Northrup Grumman 2010 - 2011 WISPAR Handout NASA's Global Hawk Unmanned Aircraft carried new dropsonde system to observe 3 AR events over the Pacific; potential platform for proposed AR reconnaissance program
AGU Fall 2010 Special Session n/a n/a 2010 Summary First ever special session on Atmospheric Rivers was held at AGU Fall 2010

Atmospheric River Portal

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NOAA atmospheric river infographic
NOAA atmospheric rivers infographic

Related Projects

Overview of Projects
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