The Dobson Ozone Spectrophotometer has been used to study total ozone since its development in the 1920's. The observations of total ozone, the total amount of ozone in a column from the surface to the edge of the atmosphere, by this instrument is one of the longest geophysical measurements series (at Arosa, Switzerland) in existence.

Dobson spectrophotometer.
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Today, the instrument is an important part of a global effort to understand the role of stratospheric ozone in atmospheric chemistry, biological and ecological effects of solar UV radiation, climate and weather. ESRL/GMD maintains 15 stations which use the Dobson Ozone spectrophotometer, and is the World Dobson Ozone Calibration Centre under the Global Atmosphere Watch, responsible for the calibration of the 100+ instruments worldwide.

Operations Handbook - Ozone Observations with a Dobson Spectrophotometer

GMD Dobson observation sites

Code Name Country Latitude Longitude Elevation
Data File Data Plots
BIS Bismarck, North Dakota United States 46.772 -100.760 511.0 Data File Data Plots
BDR (bld) Boulder, Colorado United States 39.991 -105.261 1628.0 Data File Data Plots
BNA Nashville, Tennessee United States 36.247 -86.562 182.0 Data File Data Plots
BRW Barrow, Alaska United States 71.323 -156.611 11.0 Data File Data Plots
CAR (cbm) Caribou, Maine United States 46.868 -68.013 191.0 Data File Data Plots
FBK Fairbanks, Alaska United States 64.860 -147.850 133.0 Data File Data Plots
HNX Hanford, California United States 36.314 -119.632 73.0 Data File Data Plots
HUA Huancayo Peru -12.050 -75.320 4500.0 Data Plots
LDR Lauder New Zealand -45.040 169.680 370.0 Data File Data Plots
MLO Mauna Loa, Hawaii United States 19.536 -155.576 3397.0 Data File Data Plots
MPO Maracompoche Peru -11.400 -76.320 4500.0 Data Plots
OHP Haute Provence France 43.917 5.750 580.0 Data File Data Plots
PTH Perth Australia -31.917 115.967 5.0 Data File Data Plots
SMO Tutuila American Samoa -14.247 -170.564 42.0 Data File Data Plots
SPO South Pole, Antarctica United States -89.980 -24.800 2810.0 Data File Data Plots
TAL Tallahassee, Florida United States 30.430 -84.330 53.0 Data Plots
WAI Wallops Island, Virginia United States 37.860 -75.510 13.0 Data File Data Plots