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A major modernization of the Mauna Loa facilities was undertaken in 1977. Installation of an intake system to the main building, which consolidated all gas and aerosol sampling and used one intake rather than multiple intakes, required all instrumentation to be in one building. It was then decided to modernize the facility.

The plan was developed cooperatively between the MLO and Boulder staffs, requiring the main building to the center of scientific measurments. The other buildings will be used for storage areas, workshops or living facilities.

The main building was insulated, windows were double paned, and a central air condition unit was added to maintain a constant temperature. The building was rewired to reduce electrical noise. Removal of interior walls and bedrooms, cooking and living areas were moved to the AEC building.

Other improvements included building of a new solar radiation tower and building the public parking lot below the observatory.



Inside the main building. Alan Yoshinaga is checking the air flow from the air sampling intake stack.

External of Building