Understanding the Ozone Hole - a video designed for high school level students

This story entered on 12th Sep, 2014 09:59:59 AM PST

The sun rises at the South Pole every Sept 21, after six months of darkness, and the spark of light from the rising sun also starts a season of ozone depletion down south. With the approach of that date in mind, a CIRES/NOAA scientist and videographer has developed a short, educational video that focuses on the wonderful ozone research being conducted by NOAA and CIRES scientists. The new video, by Patrick Cullis, a CIRES scientist in ESRL's Global Monitoring Division, describes the unique environmental conditions that produce such an incredible annual destruction of the ozone layer over the South Pole. Using photography, videography, simple animations, and narration to explain difficult scientific concepts, Patrick brings the whole story of the Antarctic Ozone Hole to the public.

The video is targeted at high school level student groups and general public audiences curious about our planet. It introduces the viewer to NOAA’s balloon research at the South Pole, the unknown dangers of changing our atmosphere, and the importance of continued monitoring of those changes.

More information: http://vimeo.com/104321114

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Name: Patrick Cullis
Tel: (303) 497-4291