Data collected by the aircraft program provide a view of how the large-scale horizontal and vertical distribution of the measured trace gases change throughout a given year over the continent. The large-scale, three-dimensional picture of how trace mixing ratios change throughout the year has provided a means to estimate the contribution of the North America continent to the atmospheric concentration of long-lived tracers like carbonyl sulfide and CO2 (e.g Montzka et al. 2007 and Crevoisier et al. in prep) and an essential benchmark for forward and inverse modeling (i.e. Stephens et al. 2007; Yang et al., 2007; Peters et al. 2007; Maddy et al. 2008; Xiong et al. 2008; Campbell et al. 2008).

This website provides information about each site, the data collected at the sites, and an analysis of the annual climatology from data collected as a part of the North American Carbon Program (NACP), as well as the former Measurements of Pollution in the Troposphere (MOPITT) Program.