Defines headers to be generated with legacy data by data.legacy.cpd1. It is located in $DB/etc/$STATION/legacyheaders.$STATION.conf or in the default location $DB/etc/legacyheaders.conf. If the station specific file defines header a header key then it is used, otherwise the default one will be. If any station specific definitions for a variable exist then only station specific definitions for that variable are used.


Lines beginning with '#' are treated as comments. Each line specifies a header definition consisting of a key and a value.

Within the key whitespace and “!” are removed. Headers are unique to a key value within a given output file. The first key value will be used in the station specific definition or the default definition if it is not present in the former.

For variable headers (of the form “var;<VARNAME>;…”) only those applicable to the given output are included and if any exist in the station specific definition for a given variable then none for that variable in the global definition are imported.