This file lists the programs to be called by data.edit.get to generate clean or edited data from raw data. It is located in $DB/etc/$STATION/edit.filters.$STATION.conf or in the default location $DB/etc/edit.filters.conf. If the station specific file does not exist then the default one is used.


Lines beginning with '#' are treated as comments. Each non-empty line lists a program (which must conform to the interface used by data.edit.get. If a line has three comma separated fields the first two are interpreted as the bounds for which the filter applies, in any convertible time format or blank for unbounded. Note that intersection handling is not done below the single call to data.edit.get level, so a filter may be called for time ranges outside of this bound and it must bypass gracefully then. Also note that the range is before any extension done by filters, so it should account for that if needed.

Their place in the chain is determined by the order in the configuration file that they appear. The first programs in the file are called first in the chain and their output fed to later programs. The output of the final program is the output of data.edit.get (once stripped of unrequested data).