is used to convert SEMS raw data into CPD2 formats. The SEMS must have a line in instruments.conf. Each SEMS line may optionally have a third field indicating the location of the inversion files (defaulting to $STN/$STATION/sems/archive). can be used independently or as part of the list of sources data.get uses.

Command Line Usage station records start end


start and end

The time specifiers for the data to be retrieved. Start is inclusive while end is exclusive, so all data contained within the half open interval [start,end) will be returned. Any convertible time format is accepted.


The station identifier code. For example 'brw'. Case insensitive.


The cpd2 record type to be retrieved. For example: 'N11n'. Case sensitive. Multiple record types may be separated by “,”, “;” or “:”. The results will be interwoven in time. Note that this is a single argument and that spaces are not allowed. Only records ending in 'n' or 'd' are recognized.


The code to perform the inversion in written in IDL, so this program can only be used on a machine with IDL installed. It can run with IDL in VM mode assuming that there is an X11 display (IDL requires that it shows a GUI splash screen for VM mode). VM mode is normally used on any machine other than vortex or vortextst2.

The code that does the actual inversion appears to be specialized to the AAO airplane inlet system. There may be inaccuracies if it is used on any other system.

Example Usage aao N12n 2009:80 2009:81