data.flight gets information about a given flight. This is by default the start and end times of a flight as specified by a start time (i.e. a DOY) and a flight code (A-Z with A being the first flight following that start time). In this mode the output is two times on standard output separated by a space. This allows data.flight to be used as the time range for other programs. For example:

  data.get S11a `data.flight 201 A`

The quotes are backticks; that is, inline evaluation of that command. This requires that the station code can be inferred, if it cannot both need to the station code specified.

Command Line Usage

data.flight [--interval=seconds] [station] start [id]



Station code, case insensitive.


Start time to begin searching at in any convertible time format.


Flight ID code. Starting at 'A' for the first flight after the time, through Z for the 26th. Defaults to the first flight.


Total time to search for in seconds. Defaults to the interval implied by the start time.

Example Usage

data.get S11a `data.flight 201`