data.edit.mentor.modify is the interface by which external programs can alter the mentor edits for a station. For the specification and meanings of these edits see data.mentor.edit. Modification commands are read from standard input. Once all commands are read, the changes defined by all of them are made atomically with respect to locking (but not to failure, if one or more fail they are reported but the change proceeds anyway).

Command Line Usage

data.edit.mentor.modify [--overridemodified] [station]



The station identifier code. For example 'brw'. Case insensitive.


If set then then modification time is required as part of the input. If ommitted the modification time is set to the current time.


Input is a series of commands (one per line) of the form:


Or with the –overridemodified switch:



The action to be taken, either “add” or “remove”.

For add commands the following parameters specify the edit to add. For remove all parameters must be matched exactly except for the author and notes, which are optional and ignored.

start and end

The start and end of this edit in convertible time format. If the field is null (zero length), then that parameter does not apply, so a null start with a valid end indicates all data up until (but excluding) the end time. Likewise a null end but a defined start is all data including and after the start. Both being defined is the half-open interval of time [start,end). Both null defines all time.


Record type this edit is applied to, may be null to apply to all records. May not contain more than one record type (that is represented by multiple lines).

type and params


Time when this edit was last modified in any convertable time format. This is only present if the –overridemodified switch is used.


String (initials) of the author of this edit. Optional for removal.


Notes about this edit. Optional for removal.

Example Usage

data.edit.mentor.generate.nepherrors sgp 2008:10 2008:20