data.edit.corr.neph_stp corrects neph data to STP.

data.edit.corr.neph_stp can operate as either an independent filter (provided the correct input is given) or as part of the correction chain

Command Line Usage

data.edit.corr.neph_stp [--input=S11] [var1 var2 ... varN]



Specify what instrument or record base to use as the input, instead of trying to match what's available. Required if the input stream is ambiguous.

var1 var2 ... varN

If present the trailing list of bare words is treated as the list of scattering variables to apply the correction to. By default it is both scattering and back scattering for blue, green, and red.

Example Usage

data.get sgp S11a 2008:10 2008:11 | data.edit.corr.neph_stp