data.aggregate.humidograph generates f(RH) curve fits for humidograph systems. The fitting method and parameters are set by the “profile” it uses.

Uses humidograph.conf to determine the configuration of the humidograph system for each profile.

Command Line Usage

data.aggregate.humidograph [--source=clean] [--profile=aerosol]
                           station [[record] start [end]]


When the record, start and end are omitted data.aggregate.humidograph will read data from standard input. It requires all the records normally used in the fit to be present (e.x. both nephs and the appropriate T/RH sensor record if the RH is being recalculated).

start and end

The time specifiers for the data to be retrieved. Start is inclusive while end is exclusive, so all data contained within the half open interval [start,end) will be returned. Any convertible time format is accepted.


The station identifier code. For example 'brw'. Case insensitive.


Record code to filter by. If absent then outputs all available humidograph data.


Select the source archive to request data from, defaulting to clean. Can also be explicitly set to “-” to read from standard input.


Set the profile to fit with. Defaults to “aerosol”.

Example Usage

data.aggregate.humidograph sgp 2008:10 2008:11