Feature Video: Fireside Production

Produced for CO-LABS 2012 Governor's Award for High-Impact Research highlighting CIRES / NOAA air quality work during the Gulf oil spill.

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SPIE video: James Churnside: Lidar on board -- imaging water surfaces at sea level
More Information: Lidar observations reveal important information about ocean dynamics and the life underwater 2013 November 20

YouTube: Texas A&M University lead author Andrew Dessler explains Stratospheric water vapor feedback
More Information: Water vapor in the upper atmosphere amplifies global warming 2013 September 30

CIRES YouTube channel: Science in Flight
More Information: Scientists investigating Southeast air quality and climate mysteries 2013 June 19

CIRES YouTube channel: Oil and Gas Wells Contribute to Wintertime Ozone?
More Information: Oil and Gas Wells Contribute Fuel for Ozone Pollution 2013 January 14

NOAA Boulder YouTube channel: CO-LABS [2012 Colorado Governor's Award for High-Impact Research] CIRES NOAA
More Information: Colorado's Governor Awards Scientists for Air Quality Work during Gulf Oil Spill 2012 October 5

CIRES YouTube channel: Opening Address "Airborne Exploration of the Changing Atmosphere" Dr. David Fahey (CIRES 45th Anniversary Celebration)
More Information: Three Decades of Aircraft-Aided Atmospheric Research 2012 October 22

NOAA Boulder YouTube channel: Warming effects of wildfire soot with Dan Lack
More Information: Wildfires: The Heat is On 2012 August 27

CIRES YouTube channel: Airborne Ethanol on the Rise
More Information: Increase in Airborne Ethanol 2012 August 9

CIRES YouTube channel: Gasoline Worse Than Diesel for Some Types of Air Pollution
More Information: Gasoline worse than diesel when it comes to some types of air pollution 2012 March 9

NOAA Boulder YouTube channel: Ozone Mystery
More Information: Utah's winter air quality mystery 2012 March 7

CU YouTube channel: Smoke Discovery with Joost de Gouw
More Information: Smoke-related chemical discovered in the atmosphere could have health implications 2011 May 16

CIRES YouTube channel: Gulf Oil Spill with Joost de Gouw
More Information: Insights from Oil Spill Air Pollution Study Have Applications Beyond Gulf 2011 March 11

Boulder Daily Camera YouTube channel: NOAA Winter Atmosphere Study
More Information: Scientists Using Erie Tower to Study Not-So-Dormant Wintertime Air Chemistry 2011 March 1

YouTube: Steve Brown from NOAA presents data collected at Boulder Atmospheric Observatory and YouTube: Steve Brown from NOAA answers questions
More Information: Nitrogen, Aerosol Composition, and Halogens on a Tall Tower (NACHTT) 2011 2011 February - March

Northwest Fisheries Science Center video: Scientists use lasers and vessels to understand coastal pelagic ecosystem
More Information: Oceanographic Lidar Field Programs: Oregon and Washington sardine 2006


NOAA ESRL CSD YouTube channel