ESRL Physical Sciences Division Seminars 2020

The PSD Seminar Series is typically held bi-weekly at 11:00 a.m. on Thursdays and features a mix of internal and external speakers. The goal of the series is to facilitate collaboration between PSD and external scientists. The series is co-sponsored by partners at CIRES.

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Date Seminar
12 Mar 2020
Thursday, 11:00 am
Sara Calandrini, Department of Scientific Computing, Florida State University
Numerical analyses of ETD schemes for the solution of ocean and atmospheric models
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
03 Mar 2020
Tuesday, 2:00 pm
John Albers, NOAA/ESRL PSD
A Priori Identification of Skillful Extratropical Subseasonal Forecasts

Elizabeth Thompson, NOAA/ESRL PSD
Spatial Variability of Air-Sea Interaction and Coupled Boundary Layers Observed During ATOMIC
Room GC402 (Contact: Tom Statz)
18 Feb 2020
Tuesday, 2:00 pm
[Special *FLASH* Seminar]
Gijs deBoer, NOAA/ESRL PSD
An Initial Look at Airborne Measurements from the ATOMIC Campaign

Lesley Smith, NOAA/ESRL PSD
On Trends in Magnitudes of U.S. Extreme Daily Precipitation
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
13 Feb 2020
Thursday, 11:00 am
J. Toby Minear, ESOC / CIRES, University of Colorado, Boulder
Recent Advances in River Observations and Modeling at Large Scales
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
04 Feb 2020
Tuesday, 2:00 pm
[Special *FLASH* Seminar]
Paul Johnston, NOAA/ESRL PSD
Long-term precipitation observed by vertically-pointing radars

Matt Switanek,
An improved benchmark for CONUS winter season precipitation forecasts
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)