ESRL Physical Sciences Division Seminars 2019

The PSD Seminar Series is typically held bi-weekly at 11:00 a.m. on Thursdays and features a mix of internal and external speakers. The goal of the series is to facilitate collaboration between PSD and external scientists. The series is co-sponsored by partners at CIRES.

If you have any questions about the series, or are interested in presenting a seminar, please contact the coordinators at:

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Date Seminar
23 Jul 2019
Tuesday, 11:00 am
Philip Brohan, Hadley Centre, UK Met Office
Weather forecasting without the difficult bits
Room GC402 (Contact: Tom Statz)
12 Jun 2019
Wednesday, 10:00 am
Mike Pritchard, Dept. of Earth System Sciences, University of California, Irvine
Looking ahead: Opportunities and quandaries facing large eddy-permitting superparameterization and machine learning emulation of cloud physics
Room 2A305 (Contact: Tom Statz)
04 Jun 2019
Tuesday, 1:00 pm
C├ęcile Penland, NOAA/ESRL Physical Sciences Division
A Brief, Incomplete and Biased View of Stochastic Dynamics in Weather and Climate
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
09 May 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Lisa Bengtsson, CIRES and ESRL Physical Sciences Division
1) Implementation of the ECMWF cumulus convection scheme into the GFS, and 2) A stochastic approach to cumulus convection parameterization using cellular automata
Room GC402 (Contact: Tom Statz)
25 Apr 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Juliana Dias, CIRES and ESRL Physical Sciences Division
The influence of tropical forecast errors on higher latitude predictions
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
11 Apr 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Dave Turner , NOAA/ESRL Global Systems Division
Temperature and Humidity Profiling from Ground-based Sensors Today: How Good Are These Observations?
Room 1D403 (Contact: Tom Statz)
28 Mar 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Taneil Uttal, NOAA/ESRL Physical Sciences Division
The Year of Polar Prediction Supersite Model Intercomparison Project (YOPPsiteMIP) Relevance to the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory
Room 1D403 (Contact: Robbie Desen)
12 Mar 2019
Tuesday, 11:00 am
Naomi Goldenson, Postdoctoral Scholar, UCLA Center for Climate Science
Measuring and Explaining GCM Simulation of Extreme Precipitation
Room 2A-305 (Contact: )
01 Mar 2019
Friday, 11:00 am
Tom Hamill , NOAA/ESRL PSD
How ESRL/PSD will help NOAA advance extremes prediction at S2S time scales.
Room 1D403 (Contact: Madeline Sturgill)
28 Feb 2019
Thursday, 11:00 am
Paul Schlatter, Science and Operations Officer, National Weather Service Denver/Boulder Weather Forecast Office
Forecasting in Colorado
Room 2A305 (Contact: Robbie Desen)