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Daily Nauru99 Report
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Time:1535 Local, 0335 Z
Observer:Gillman & Post
GPS Ship Position:
   Lat. 0 deg. 34.0 min S
   Long. 166 deg. 57.2 min. E
   Heading: 155 deg
Surface Wind: 3.1 m/s @ 138 deg. (14 m height)
Air Temp:27.8C (13 m height)
Sea Temp:29.2C (5 m depth)
Rel. Humidity:71.4 % (13 m height)
Precipitation last 24 hr:0 mm
Column Water Vapor: 5.7 cm (MWR)
Cloud Layer Heights:
    Ceilometer: 0.6, 2.0 km bases
    MMCR Radar: 0.7, 2.2, 11.5 km bases, 9-13 km
    Lidar: n/a
Radiosonde Inversion Height: 0.4 km km @ 1728 Z (Day 195)

Visual Observations:Another very pleasant day -- mostly sunny with multi-layered, spase clouds. Bands of showers have been in the region all day, but none passed overhead. Winds are light.

Notable Events and Anecdotes:We made fresh water beginning at 5 a.m., while lidars were turned off and broken down for shipping. Scott Smith took his PRP to Nauru for air freight to Hawaii; he packed the PRP at ARCS as well. We completed a very successful 24-hour period of circumnavigations of Nauru at 1 km off the beach, 2 hours each circuit. We planned the downwind aerosol plume characterization experiment, 6 p.m. today through 9 a.m. tomorrow. We also planned numerous operations of ship's cranes for tomoorow p.m., in preparation for transit to Kwajalein. We learned today that check-in at Kwajalein airport is required at least 4.5 hours prior to flight time, in order to ensure (even confirmed) seats are not sold to standby passengers or given to overbooked passengers. This requirement makes the schedule for off-loading gear (after fueling) on Kwajalein very tight on July 19.

Instrument Status:Lidars are down, except for DABUL which will operate until tomorrow. PSU sun photometer is down and packed, as is PRP. Cloud radar will be turned off for packing tonight. Aerosol sensors will be turned off tomorrow at 9 a.m.. Remaining radiation instruments will run until at least sunset tomorrow.

Reporters and cameramen from the Naeoru Bulletin (native spelling) on the 03 deck of RHB, with M.J. Post and Capt. Parsons.
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