Director of WWA Invited to Testify at Senate Subcommittee Hearing

June 4, 2007

Researchers at NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory, Physical Sciences Division work in close collaboration with the Western Water Assessment (WWA)—a Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessment (RISA) located at the University of Colorado—to assess how climate variability and change affect water supplies in the western U.S. WWA Director, Bradley Udall, has been invited to testify at the Subcommittee on Water and Power of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources hearing on June 6, 2007. The Subcommittee is interested in receiving testimony on the impacts of climate change on water supply and availability in the U.S., and related water-use issues.

The RISA program is an activity of the NOAA Climate Program Office's regional decision support effort. WWA is one of eight RISA programs across the U.S. helping to map climate research to the needs of society. Input from stakeholders can be translated into useful research and products that aid in the decision-making process.

With growing concern on the impact of climate change on water resources, government must try to assess and understand a wide spectrum of information in order to make informed decisions. By providing climate information and resources, NOAA helps inform decision-makers in order to mitigate potential societal impacts.

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