Linear Inverse Modeling Tropical OLR, Wind, and SST Anomalies Pentads 1-6 Forecasts

NEWC-LIM VERSION 2.0: Now with 1) 200 and 850 mb winds (including vertical shear), 2) 5-day running means, 3) finer (2 degree) latitude resolution.

C-LIM forecasts of OLR/200 mb wind (left, with contour interval 2.5 W/m2) and SST/850 mb wind (right, with contour interval 0.1oC) anomalies. Note that the initialization (Pentad 0) is shown in the EOF space of the model. Wind vectors are scaled by the reference vector (m/s) shown on each plot; vectors with speed below 0.5 m/s (1 m/s) at 850 mb (200 mb) are omitted for clarity.

These forecasts maps are also available in the separate coupled and internal subspaces for both OLR and SST.