3-State Region Project


*Current Snow
River basins: Latest monthly snow totals for river basins in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.Text of accumulated snow and percent of normal for the different river basins of each state. Select month. Water year corresponds to the year of Sep in Oct-Sep.USDA NWCC
Map of snow water content departures from averageFrom Snotel sitesSnotel
Areal extent western snowcoverFrom satellite. Also available are change in snowcover, temperature, freezing degree days and heating degree daysfor the western USNOHRSC
Individual current Snotel site reports for CO, AZ, and NM
NRCS state information for CO and NM.

*Short-term Forecasts
NWS offices: Clickable map of main forecast offices.Snow forecasts are available. Each office has it's own format. NOAA NWS
Model output comparisons (Aviation, Eta) 12-96 hours.Snow on bottom of chart.NOAA PSD
NWS forecasts by state:Colorado, New Mexico, ArizonaChose region from map or pull-down menu.NOAA NWS
NWS forecasts by state:Colorado, New Mexico, ArizonaDifferent selection presentation: Chose from selected regions from pull-down menu.NOAA NWS

*Historic Data and Plots
Station data: Get/view us station data.Choose timeseries for one station or contour for viewing area at one time.Data generally costs $$. Vast amounts of other datasets and climate information available if you can ever figure out the webpage.

Western States station climate information for Colorado, Arizona and New MexicoChoose favorite city. Left hand column lists various products available including monthly averages and similar statistics, daily averages and historic range, probability of snow by duration or amount.WRCC
US climate division climatologies.Choose snow, month (or season) and climatology for type of plot.PSD