Climate of the Interior West: Historical Climate Relationships
DescriptionSample Product
ENSO Risk plots
Examine seasonal relationships between ENSO and temperature and precipitation over the US with respect to "risk" of a warm/cold or wet/dry season
US Spring Temperature Risk During El Nino
Historic US Temperature and Precipitation during ENSO
El Niño temperature and precipitation, and La Niña temperature and precipitation response for 7 different events over the wintertime US.
Temperature during 7 events
Correlations of data with atmospheric/ocean variables
Users can examine past relationships between atmospheric patterns (ENSO, the NAO, the Arctic Oscillation, etc.) with various monthly mean model variables over the globe or specified regions
Precipitation during positive PNA
Correlations of data with US climate division data
Similar to the above but for US temperature, precipitation and Palmer Drought Index
US Temperature
Teleconnection Indices
Show typical global patterns. These patterns can be associated with particular weather in certain regions.