Climate of the Interior West: Weather and Climate Forecasts

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DescriptionSample Product
National Weather Service Forecasts
Weather forecasts for the entire United States. Includes specialized products like severe weather forecasts, satellite imagery and current weather maps.
MRF Precipitation Forecast
Medium Range Forecasts
Forecast maps for the US for different products including winds, temperatures, precipitation and for 0 to 7 days.
MRF Precipitation Forecast
Week two ensemble forecasts
Using an ensemble of NCEP model runs, predictions of variables including 500mb height, 250mb winds, 85mb0 temperature and precipitation are made. Prediction maps show upper and low tercile anomalies, average ensemble values and verifications. Slightly different initial conditions for each model run help reduce the effect of variability due to non-resolved processes.
80mb Temperature probability forecast
Linear Inverse Modeling Medium Range Forecasts
Experimental empirical medium-range forecasts of anomalous OLR and SST for 1-5 weeks. Week 2 forecast skill is comparable with the NCEP MRF ensemble.
LIM Forecast
10 day Outlooks
COLA plots the MRF model forecast results at 10 days for temperature, precipitation and soil moisture over various parts of the globe (US, Europe, Africa, etc. ). Shorter term forecasts are also available.
soil moisture forecast
Seasonal US precipitation and temperature forecasts
NOAA's CPC calculates forecasts over the US of temperature and precipitation for lead times of 2 weeks through 12 months. They also include a discussion of how to interpret plots.
CPC climate forecast
National Weather Service: Rivers
River forecasts and current conditons are available for the US from NOAA's NWS
Flood stage over US