Climate of the Interior West: Drought/Flood Monitoring
DescriptionSample Product
Current drought monitor
From the National Drought Mitigation Center. Current drought conditions, analysis and forecasts. The center's webpages also include extensive background on droughts, their causes and drought impact.
Drought over the US
CPC US Drought Assessment
Various products relating to real-time precipitation monitoring and future drought/flood potential.
High Plains Regional Climate Center Precipitation Plots
Various precipitation maps on time scales from one day ago to 2 years ago. Totals, departures from normal and percent of normal are available for the US as a whole or subregions of the US. Easy to use.
PSD: Recent Western US Precipitation
Users can plots maps of accumulated precipitation for the western US. Overlays of topography, counties, rivers, climate divisions, and hydrologic regions relationships can be added. A similar page allows users to plot line plots of accumulated precipitation for a selected location.
PSD US drought monitoring page
Regions of recent and ongoing drought are analyzed with respect to climate processes and historical relationships.
Precipitation Anomalies on different time scales
CPC precipitation monitoring
Users can select stations for various regions around the globe including the Southwest U.S. for accumulated precipitation and precipitation deficits over timescales of 30, 90 and 365 days. Maps are also available.
Accumulated Precipitation in Denver
Western Snowpack (SNOTEL) Map based access and Station based access
Snotel products include maps and reports on SNOTEL station snowpack, precipitation and temperature. Both current and historic data are available.
SNOTEL Precipitation
Western State River Basins
Colorado River Basin.
Arkansas River Basin.
Missouri River Basin (subpage of the Riverwatch page for the Mississippi basin).
Northwest River Basin.
West Gulf River Basin.
California/Nevada River Forecast Center.

River forecasts, weather information, climatologies and related information are available from these forecasts centers.
Map of Regions
Map of River Basins
US Water Supply Outlook NRCS
A collection of products including reservoir and river supply/forecasts, precipitation, snowpack and other information relating to water supply. Information is divided by type and by region.
nrsc sample plot
NWS's Riverwatch
A collection of links to river forecasts for the Mississippi River Basin.