ESRL Quarterly Newsletter - Fall 2010

Achievement: Honors

Three ESRL researchers received prestigious Gold Medals from the Department of Commerce this fall: Mark Cunningham (GMD) received a Department of Commerce Gold Medal “for heroic efforts treating injured Samoans following the 2009 tsunami and providing emergency power for the sole phone link in Eastern Samoa.” Susan Solomon (CSD) and Roger Pulwarty (PSD) shared a Group Gold Medal with several other NOAA colleagues, “for producing a major scientific report detailing the impacts of global climate change in the United States.”

Laurel Watts (CSD) led a team that was awarded the 2010 National Instruments Graphical System Design Achievement Award, for design of a system to control an ozone instrument flown on a Global Hawk UAS during an atmospheric science mission over the Pacific Ocean.

Tom Hamill and Jeff Whitaker (PSD) were awarded 14,500,000 processor hours on Department of Energy high-performance computational resources for creating a next-generation multi-decadal “reforecast” dataset, which will be used for renewable energy forecasts and other applications.

Several ESRL scientists have been selected to participate as leading authors and reviewers for parts of the next Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessment: Ed Dlugokencky (GMD, lead author of Working Group I, Chapter 2: Observations: Atmosphere and Surface); Judith Perlwitz (PSD and CIRES, lead author of Working Group I, Chapter 10: Detection and Attribution of Climate Change: From Global to Regional); Roger Pulwarty (PSD, coordinating lead author of Working Group II, Chapter 15: Adaptation Planning and Implementation); Pieter Tans (GMD, review editor of Working Group I, Chapter 6: Carbon and Other Biogeochemical Cycles); and A.R. Ravishankara (CSD Director, review editor of Working Group 1, Chapter 8: Anthropogenic and Natural Radiative Forcing).  The IPCC’s next assessment, the fifth, will be published between 2013 and 2014.

Leslie Hartten (PSD) was recognized for 10 years of mentoring student scientists through the Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science program, administered by the National Center for Atmospheric Research.