FLC Far West Region award for Outstanding Partnership presented to WFIP2 Team

September 20, 2018

view of participants from the lobby
Space Weather Prediction Center presentation
Members of the WFIP2 team (top), and the award plaque (bottom).

The Wind Forecast Improvement Project 2 (WFIP2) received the 2018 Federal Laboratory Consortium Far West Region Award for Outstanding Partnership at a ceremony in Oklahoma City, OK on August 29, 2018.

During the last five years (2014-2018), NOAA researchers across all Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) divisions worked with the Department of Energy (DOE), four DOE national labs (NREL, PNNL, LLNL, and ANL) and a group led by Vaisala to develop foundational improvements in wind forecasts in the NOAA hourly-updated 13-km Rapid Refresh (RAP) and 3-km High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) models, run operationally at the National Weather Service, to support the renewable energy industry and the larger energy industry. WFIP2 has yielded improvements in NOAA’s weather models, which are used by the private sector as input to their tailored forecasts and predictions of wind power production. The model advances support improved decision-making for power generation from different energy organizations and benefit all users of the RAP and HRRR models, including those in aviation, surface transportation, severe weather, and fire weather.