Congratulations to Recent ESRL Award Recipients!

AMS, AGU, NOAA logos
August 3, 2017

The American Meteorological Society (AMS), American Geophysical Union (AGU) and NOAA recently announced respective award winners. We congratulate a number of ESRL staff members named to receive a variety of awards and honors.

AMS Award Winners

THE SVERDRUP GOLD MEDAL AWARD: Michael A. Alexander, ESRL/PSD "For innovative and insightful studies of large-scale air-sea interactions and their role in climate variability, and interdisciplinary work on climate change impacts on marine ecosystems"

THE KENNETH C. SPENGLER AWARD: Elizabeth C. Weatherhead, ESRL/GSD "For creating linkages and fostering open communication about forecast improvements among the public, private, and academic sectors of the weather enterprise."

THE BERNHARD HAURWITZ MEMORIAL LECTURER: George N. Kiladis, ESRL/PSD "For influential observational studies of tropical-extratropical wave dynamics and leadership in the field of large-scale tropical meteorology"

AMS Editor's Award Winner

Brian Etherton, ESRL/GSD for Weather and Forecasting

AMS Fellows

Michael A. Alexander, ESRL/PSD
Georg A. Grell, ESRL/GSD
Roger S. Pulwarty, ESRL/PSD
Elizabeth C. Weatherhead, ESRL/GSD
Jeffrey S. Whitaker, ESRL/PSD
Samuel P. Williamson, ESRL/GMD

AGU Outstanding Reviewers

Wayne Angevine, ESRL for JGR: Atmospheres
Lori Bruhwiler, ESRL/GMD for Reviews of Geophysics

NOAA Adminstrator's Award

Robert Cifelli and Robert Webb, ESRL/PSD "For advancing weather and climate models to balance flood and drought risks while providing water reliability for fish and people in the Western United States"

Jeffrey Whitaker, ESRL/PSD "For leading/executing the selection of the new dynamical core, the engine of a numerical weather prediction model, two years ahead of schedule"

NOAA Technology Transfer Awards

Melinda Marquis, ESRL/GSD
Curtis Alexander, ESRL/GSD
Stan Benjamin, ESRL/GSD
John M. Brown, ESRL/GSD
James Wilczak, ESRL/PSD
Robert Banta, ESRL/CSD
Allison McComiskey, ESRL/GMD

"For improving forecasts of turbine-height winds and solar irradiance from their HRRR weather model to improve usage of renewable power by industry"

Scott Abbott, ESRL/PSD
Tom Ayers, ESRL/PSD
Daniel Gottas, ESRL/PSD
Jesse Leach, ESRL/PSD
Clark King, ESRL/PSD
Allen White, ESRL/PSD

"For the design, implementation, and operation of a 21st-century observing network to address water resource and flood protection issues in the Western U.S."

NOAA Award for NEW U.S. PATENT for Technologies Developed by NOAA Employees

Daniel M. Murphy, ESRL/CSD