Sunset and a drill rig in Northeastern Colorado (CREDIT: ).
Hilary Peddicord gives a presentation on the effects of climate change. (CREDIT: Annie Reiser, NOAA)

Sharing NOAA research with girls aspiring to math, science and technology careers

May 23, 2014

NOAA in Boulder once again contributed to the University of Wyoming’s annual Women in Science (WIS) event, held May 13th in Laramie, Wyoming. WIS conferences (supported by local agencies, schools, and businesses) are designed to allow young women to learn first-hand about careers in science, math, and technology from accomplished professional women. NOAA Boulder has been involved in this exciting event for several years providing educational materials and bringing NOAA researchers and educators to give hands-on presentations.

This year Debe Daily-Fisher and Annie Reiser, of the Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL), set up an informational booth to introduce NOAA science and research to approximately 600 girls from grades 7-12. Hilary Peddicord, of CIRES and ESRL, taught three sessions on the effects of climate change. In her interactive presentation, Earth as a System: the Butterfly Effect, Peddicord got the girls to commit to ways that they could personally help mitigate their own carbon footprint, such as riding their bikes more than getting rides from their parents, turning off the lights when they leave a room, and a favorite...not buying bottled water.

"It was great to see how enthusiastic the girls were about trying to reduce their carbon footprint," says Reiser, who attended one of the 'Butterfly Effect' sessions. "They seemed especially impressed by and able to relate to Hilary, who is also a Wyoming native."