Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) in Boulder, Colorado


WRF Portal has been developed and will be maintained by the the Advanced Computing Section (ACS) of the Aviation Branch (AB) of the Global Systems Division (GSD) of Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) at the David Skaggs Research Center (DSRC) in Boulder, Colorado. ESRL is part of NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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Estimated Worldwide Users of This Software

Est. Users
Google Earth Earth
WRF Portal
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WRF Domain Wizard
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Ext. Workflow Mgr
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These users have downloaded the software from unique IP addresses during these time spans in 2008: May 4 - July 15, Sep 14 - Oct 20, Nov 9 - Dec 11, and Dec 19-Jan 19, 2010 (those were the dates for which I had web logs). While some users have probably downloaded the software and not used it, it is also likely that some others have shared an IP address or downloaded and shared the software on local networks with multiple users. You can download Google Earth for free from here. The Java source code that generated our .kml files from web logs is here.

Principal Staff

Mark Govett (program manager, design and development)
Mark.W.Govett at

Julien Lynge (WRF Portal and development)
Paula McCaslin (WRF Domain Wizard design and development)
Chris Harrop (External Worflow Manager architect and developer)
Craig Mattocks (WRF Domain Wizard developer)
Dan Schaffer (developer)