Download/Install Panoply

What is Panoply and how do I download it?

Panoply is a NetCDF/GRIB/HDF viewer application that WRF Portal and WRF Domain Wizard use for visualization. By default, Panoply is automatically downloaded from the wrfportal website on first use. This works transparently on most computers. If, however, security on your system blocks outbound access to the web, this automatic feature won't work.

Instead, you can download the following files manually and copy them to the appropriate locations. Depending on your browser, you may need to Right-Click on the filenames below and select "Save As":

Download to <your home dir> and then unzip it. It will create a directory called .gissjava that contains the required Panoply files. Once you have done this, WRF Portal and WRF Domain Wizard will be able to use Panoply.

You can learn more about this excellent tool from the NASA Panoply website