FIM Portal

What are FIM and FIM Portal?

FIM screen

NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory (NOAA-ESRL) has developed a global icosahedral weather model: the Flow-following finite-volume Icosahedral Model (FIM).

FIM Portal is the graphical user interface for running FIM models. It walks users through the process of creating FIM workflows, running them, and monitoring their progress. It also includes tools for diff'ing FIM workflows and FIM runs, easily viewing log files, and viewing output files in formats such as GRIB, NetCDF, and .png.

FIM Portal runs on any system supporting Java 1.5 or later (like Windows, Mac, Linux) and requires that FIM be previously installed. It includes an internal workflow manager (for launching and monitoring jobs) and also supports GSD's WFM workflow manager, a robust and powerful external workflow manager used by members of the FIM development group.

Here are some FIM Portal screen images and here is a video tutorial.

FIM/TerraViz Data Converter

SSAM course

Converts FIM / I-HYCOM data to a format that the TerraViz visualization tool can read.

Run FIM/TerraViz Data Converter

SSAM Course July 19-21, 2010

SSAM course

FIM and FIM Portal will be used in the Summer School on Atmospheric Modeling (SSAM) from July 19-21, 2010 in Boulder Colorado.

Launch FIM Portal
Here is the SSAM course portal database for day1, day2-3.
Here is a video tutorial demonstrating how to run FIM on bluefire.
How to backup and restore a portal database pdf.
SSAM FIM runs output appears on this SSAM Experimental FIM Model Fields web page.

SSAM Schedule
SSAM Presentations

GIMTool Viewer For FIM

FIM in GIMTool

GIMTool is really two web applications that display global FIM model data: the first uses html/javascript to display FIM output within a custom Google Earth web page. The second application employs Flash and Google Maps in order to display FIM output. We are in the process of integrating some of this technology into the next version of the portal.

Status: still in prototype stage

Brief overview of GIMTool (as a pdf)

GIMTool article (as a pdf) that appeared in volume 33 of CIRA magazine, Spring 2010