FIM Portal Screen Images

The Diff Tool enables you "diff" workflows, runs, or even configuration files on disk

Diff Tool

The Run Monitor monitors the progress of every task in your workflow. From this window you can easily halt or delete a run, view log files, or even view output files (such as GRIB, NetCDF, or graphics files) in a viewer

run monitor

The Workflow window is where you define your workflow--what tasks will be run? What namelists are included? What environment variables are set?

workflow 1

In this sample workflow named "RUN4", the FIMrun directory and environment variables are set on this "General Settings" tab.

workflow 2

The Workflow's "Task Settings" tab is where you can set specific settings for each task in your workflow.

workflow 3

The Workflow's "Task Dependencies" tab is where you set up workflow dependencies (such as don't run this task until a particular file appears in a particular directory location)

workflow 4