Advanced Technologies & Outreach

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Elementary students are treated to the SOS® display.

GSD is a world leader in advancing technologies that make it possible for: 1) numerical weather and climate prediction to occur on the fastest computer technologies available, 2) the creation of next generation weather and environmental forecast and analysis systems to ingest, manage, analyze, understand and forecast, and 3) bringing this complex information in a form viewable, understandable and seen by millions worldwide. GSD efforts are central to both Scientific and Enterprise Goals established by NOAA in its Next Generation Strategic Plan and are foundational for the creation and use of an Earth Modeling System. The advanced computing efforts in GSD have forged the basis of virtually all High Performance Computing methods used in NOAA operations and research. Through their design and management efforts, GSD researchers are leading the world in reinventing this framework for Massively Parallel Fine Grain (MPFG) systems by providing some key benchmarks in MPFG computing that are being used by industry to create the next generation hardware. GSD is reimagining how users will use and interact with global environmental information with its NOAA Earth Information System (NEIS). NEIS has leveraged the latest in server technology and new gaming paradigms developed in-house to selectively transport vast amounts of information across the Internet to scientific users who will use a visually compelling interface. GSD has been a leader closing data gaps for NOAA Operations and the meteorological community and with GSD’s recent transition of MADIS to Operations a path has been forged for rapid expansion of observation density and quality. Tools have emerged from MADIS related efforts that have led to a better understanding of real-time environmental conditions and are a clear value-added within the NWS and with other decision-making partners. NOAA calls for an educated public with an improved capacity to make scientifically informed environmental decisions. GSD is a clear NOAA leader in pursuit of this goal with its growing worldwide Science On a Sphere®(SOS) program which is actively pursuing the SOS Explorer concept to bring this information to educators and the public via the Internet.