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Monday, 2 November 2015

  1. Ice Breaker

Day 1: Tuesday, 3 November 2015


  1. Breakfast (closed) at the Homewood Suites for OAR DAA Steve Fine, and Review Panel
  2. Transportation to ESRL (Review Panel meet Phyllis in lobby and caravan to ESRL; Observers carpool from hotel lobbies)
    Please allow sufficient time for security/badging for non-NOAA attendees

Welcome (GC402)

  1. Check-in begins
  2. Meeting Overview and Logistics — Jennifer Mahoney (Deputy Director GSD)
  3. Welcome and Charge to Reviewers – Craig McLean (Assistant Administrator, OAR)
  4. Overview of NOAA and OAR Research Planning and Funding; Introduction of Review Panel – Steve Fine (Deputy Assistant Administrator, NOAA OAR)
  5. ESRL Organization Overview, Research at ESRL – Alexander E. MacDonald (Director, NOAA ESRL)
  6. Overview of ESRL GSD – Kevin Kelleher (Director GSD)
  7. Break (15 min) – Light Refreshments (Check-in for Reviewers)

Theme 1: Numerical Weather Prediction: Regional Models (GB144)

  1. Opening: Numerical Weather Prediction: Mission and Grand Challenges (Stan Benjamin)
Session 1
  1. Modeling Challenge #1 - Toward Storm-scale Ensemble Data Assimilation and Prediction (Steve Weygandt)
  2. HRRR Overview – R2O to NWS and Application to Severe Weather (Curtis Alexander)
    E-Poster Display-1
  3. Radar Assimilation for HRRR (David Dowell)
    E-Poster Display-2
  4. Land-surface Cycling for Better Hydrometeorology (Tanya Smirnova video)
    E-Poster Display-3
  5. Energy Applications and Design for RAP/HRRR (Joe Olson video)
    E-Poster Display-4
  6. HRRR/RAP - Mitigating Aviation Hazards for Safety and Efficiency (Jaymes Kenyon video)
    E-Poster Display-5
  7. Probabilistic Forecasting at Regional Scales (Isidora Jankov video)
    E-Poster Display-6
  8. Clarifying Discussion (10 min)
  9. Poster Session (30 min)
  10. Session discussion (10 min)
  11. Lunch Provided (All Attendees; GB124)
    (Working lunch Review Panel and Federal Scientists: GB144)

Theme 1: Numerical Weather Prediction: Global Models (GC402)

Session 2
  1. Modeling Challenge #2 – Toward Earth System Modeling FIM Atmospheric Global Model for Medium-range Forecast Applications (Stan Benjamin video)
    E-Poster Display-1
  2. Impact of Composition and Chemistry on Weather Forecasting (Georg Grell video)
    E-Poster Display-2
  3. Coupled Atmospheric-Ocean Earth System Modeling for Sub-seasonal Prediction (Shan Sun video)
    E-Poster Display-3
  4. Development of Non-hydrostatic Global Models – NIM (Jin Lee video)
    E-Poster Display-4
  5. High-performance Software Engineering (Tom Henderson video)
    E-Poster Display-5
  6. Physics for Global Non-hydrostatic Applications (John Brown)
    E-Poster Display-6
  7. Clarifying Discussion (10 min)
  8. Poster Session (30 min)
  9. Session discussion (10 min)
  10. Tour of GSD Computing Facility (Reviewers only)
    Science on a Sphere (SOS) Demonstration (All Others)
  11. Break (20 min) — Light Refreshments

Theme 1: Numerical Weather Prediction: Cross-Cutting Activities (GC402)

Session 3
  1. NWP: GSD’s Path Forward (Tim Schneider video)
  2. Developmental Testbed Center (DTC) – (Ligia Bernardet video)
    E-Poster Display-1
  3. Global Observing Systems Analysis – (Lidia Cucurull video)
    E-Poster Display-2
  4. Improving Winter Storm Forecasts with Dropsonde Data – (Jason English video)
    E-Poster Display-3
  5. Renewable Energy Program (Melinda Marquis video)
    E-Poster Display-4
  6. Clarifying Discussion (10 min)
  7. Poster Session (30 min)
  8. Discussion and Wrap-up - Stan Benjamin (20 min)
  9. Adjourn (Day 1) Observers finished for the day and dinner on your own
  1. Review Panel (Closed) (GB144)
  2. Dinner

Day 2: Wednesday, 4 November 2015


  1. Breakfast on your own
  2. Transportation to ESRL (Review Panel meet Phyllis in lobby and caravan to ESRL; All others carpool from hotel lobbies)

Theme 2: Decision Support: A busy day at forecast offices (GC402)

Session 4
  1. Opening Talk: A Busy Day at Forecast Offices (Mike Kraus video)
  2. Ensemble Forecasts and Uncertainty (Paul Schultz video)
    E-Poster Display-1
  3. Forecast Monitoring and Short Term Updates (Kevin Manross video)
    E-Poster Display-2
  4. Tropical Hazards (Tom LeFebvre video)
    E-Poster Display-4
  5. Unified and Consistent Hazardous Weather Forecasts (Tracy Hansen video)
    E-Poster Display-3
  6. Sharing the Wealth: Forecaster Tools for Our Partners (Joe Wakefield video)
    E-Poster Display-5
  7. Clarifying Discussion (10 min)
  8. Poster Session (30 min)
  9. Session Discussion (10 min)
  1. Break (30 min) – Light Refreshments

Theme 2: Decision Support for Aviation (GC402)

Session 5
  1. Opening Talk: Decision Support and Evaluation for Aviation (Mike Kraus video)
  2. Aviation Forecasting with AWIPS (Woody Roberts video)
    E-Poster Display-1
  3. Impact-based Decision Support for Aviation (Brian Etherton video)
    E-Poster Display-2
  4. Verification Tools for Aviation Weather (Missy Petty video)
    E-Poster Display-3
  5. Investigation of Truth Sets for Verification (Laura Paulik video)
    E-Poster Display-4
  6. Assessment of Aviation Algorithms and Forecast Technologies (Matt Wandishin video)
    E-Poster Display-5
  7. Clarifying Discussion (10 min)
  8. Poster Session (30 min)
  9. Discussion and Wrap-up - Mike Kraus (15 min)
  10. Lunch Provided (All Attendees; GB124)
    Review Panel and Cooperative Institute GSD Scientists meeting (GB144)

Theme 3: Advanced Technologies (GC402)

Session 6
  1. Opening Talk: Advanced Technology (John Schneider video)
  2. The NOAA Earth Information System (NEIS) Data Discovery, Collection, and Distribution (Jebb Stewart video)
    E-Poster Display-1
  3. Advanced Visualization Development using Gaming Technology (Eric Hackathorn video)
    E-Poster Display-2
  4. Massively Parallel Fine Grain (MPFG) Computing (Mark Govett video)
    E-Poster Display-3
  5. Specialized Information and Warning Systems (Greg Pratt video)
    E-Poster Display-4
  6. Science on a Sphere (SOS): Technical Innovation and Network Growth (Keith Searight - video and Shilpi Gupta - video)
    E-Poster Display-5 and E-Poster Display-6
  7. Clarifying Discussion (10 min)
  8. Poster Session (30 min)
  9. Session Discussion (10 min)
  10. SOS Demonstration (Reviewers Only)
    Concurrent Sessions: Tour of Computing Facility (All Others)
  1. Break (15 min) – Light Refreshments

Theme 3: Advanced Technologies (GC402)

Session 7
  1. Opening Talk: Outreach and Research to Operations (John Schneider video)
  2. MADIS Innovations and the Path to Operations (Gopa Padmanabhan video and Leon Benjamin video)
    E-Poster Display-1 and E-Poster Display-2
  3. NOAA’s International Collaboration with Taiwan (Fanthune Moeng video)
    E-Poster Display-3
  4. Global Visualization using NOAA’s Terraviz (Beth Russell and Jeff Smith video)
    E-Poster Display-4 and E-Poster Display-5
  5. Clarifying Discussion (10 min)
  6. Poster Session (30 min)
  7. Discussion and Wrap-up - John Schneider (15 min)
  8. Adjourn (Day 2)
  1. Dinner

Day 3: Thursday, 5 November 2015


  1. Breakfast on your own
  2. Transportation to ESRL (Review Panel meet Phyllis in lobby and caravan to ESRL)

Stakeholder Sessions

  1. Preparation for Concurrent Closed Sessions with Review Panel
Session 1 (GB124)
  1. Steve Abelman (Phone)
  2. Brian Gross (Phone)
  3. Chris Davis (Phone)
  4. Fred Toepfer (Phone)
Concurrent: Session 2 (GB124)
  1. Dave Michaud
  2. Jason Chasse
  3. Hendrick Tolman
  4. Tom Auligne
  5. Louisa Nance
  1. Break (25 min) — light refreshments

Review Panel Summary, Wrap-up, and Discussion (GC402)

  1. Brief Wrap-up, Question, and Answer Session (Kevin Kelleher and GSD Senior Leadership)

Review Panel Summary (Closed Session) (GB144)

  1. Discussion, Report Coordination (begin writing), and preparation for Report-out
    (Bring in Lunch)

Review Panel Preliminary Report-Out (GC402)

  1. OAR and GSD Senior Leadership with Review Panel
  2. Adjourn