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System Support and External Collaboration Section

Susan Williams, Section Chief


The System Support and External Collaboration Section provides testing, configuration management, and support services for system development work in the Information Systems Branch and manages projects with non-NOAA customers.

Our primary customer is the National Weather Service, and we support development and testing of their software releases. Section staff install and test field releases, mostly for AWIPS II.

GSD hosts a field-release system that is connected to the AWIPS network and historically has been used to test and validate each version of the AWIPS software. This system is currently being used to support WFO BOU's transition to AWIPS II. It runs an official copy of the AWIPS I software, which BOU staff use for parts of their operational duties, while AWIPS II runs in parallel on the BOU system.

A staff member serves as GSD's liaison to Raytheon/NWS; duties include tracking problems discovered during AWIPS testing, maintaining our local software development environment, and keeping file versions synchronized between GSD's and official AWIPS software repositories.

Similar support activities are carried out for the RSA program, which provides weather information for space launch operations at the Western Range at Vandenberg AFB. We also are working with the Spanish meteorological agency (AEMET) and the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau to develop AWIPS-based forecast support tools for their operations.

Current Work and Short-Term Plans

During the last couple of years, we created new software repositories for AWIPS Operational Build 9 (OB9) development, and our exploratory system known as ALPS (Advanced Linux Prototype System). Section staff support the development, testing, and documentation of these Builds. The current field release for AWIPS I is OB9.13, with periodic point releases to come. For AWIPS II, we are currently testing release OB13.5.2 (installed 1 Nov 13).


- Susan Williams, Section Chief/Programmer (Civil Service) susan.williams@noaa.gov
- Vada Dreisbach, Computer Specialist (ENSCO) c.vada.dreisbach@noaa.gov
- Kevin Goertz, Systems Administrator (AceInfo) kevin.goertz@noaa.gov
- Michael Vrencur, Systems Administrator (AceInfo) michael.vrencur@noaa.gov
- Joe Wakefield, Meteorologist (Civil Service) joseph.s.wakefield@noaa.gov
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