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Decision Support Systems Section

Joe Wakefield, Section Chief


The Decision Support Systems Section's main focus is on activities supporting the National Weather Service's AWIPS development. One broad area of work is participating in the development and testing of the Raytheon-led work on AWIPS-II, including converting AWIPS-I bundles and procedures, and assisting with porting/updating GFE Smart Tools and SmartInits. We also work on development of new capabilities ("extended tasks") that will be added to AWIPS-II after initial fielding of the system. These latter tasks include Hazard Services, Forecaster Decision Support Environment (FDSE – forecast monitoring and verification), and Collaboration (both internal and with outside groups such as Emergency Operations Centers).

FX-Collaborate, a Java-based collaborative forecast system, supports shared awareness of critical weather situations by enabling remote users to synchronize their displays, sharing interactive annotation and drawing and local data. Its strength is its ability to interlink a number of remote systems to conduct real-time weather briefings, live meteorological discussions, or distance learning through its interactive capabilities. A subset of FX-C known as the CAVE Annotation Tool (CAT) is provided to AWIPS-II offices to support drawing/annotation, largely for preparation of Web graphics.


- Joe Wakefield, Section Chief/Meteorologist (Civil Service) joseph.s.wakefield@noaa.gov
- Tom Filiaggi, Computer Specialist (Civil Service - NWS/MDL) tom.filiaggi@noaa.gov
- Chris Golden, Programmer (CIRES) chris.golden@noaa.gov
- Herb Grote, Physical Scientist (CIRA) u.herb.grote@noaa.gov
- Tracy Hansen, Computer Specialist (Civil Service) tracy.l.hansen@noaa.gov
- Chung-Yi Huang, Computer Specialist (CWB visitor) chungyi.huang@noaa.gov
- Xiangbao Jing, Programmer (CIRES) xiangbao.jing@noaa.gov
- Jeremy Kerr, Programmer (CIRA) jeremy.kerr@noaa.gov
- Kuan-Liang "Peter" Lai, Meteorologist (CWB visitor) kuanliang.lai@noaa.gov
- Tom LeFebvre, Meteorologist (Civil Service) thomas.j.lefebvre@noaa.gov
- Kevin Manross, Meteorologist (CIRA) kevin.manross@noaa.gov
- Sarah Pontius, Computer Specialist (CIRA) sarah.pontius@noaa.gov
- Jim Ramer, Meteorologist (CIRA) james.e.ramer@noaa.gov
- Dan Schaffer, Computer Specialist (CIRA) daniel.s.schaffer@noaa.gov
- Paul Schultz, Meteorologist (CIRES) paul.j.schultz@noaa.gov
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