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Data Access and Delivery Systems


Development Efforts

Clarus Transition

RWIS Observation Additions

The objective of this task is to add all RWIS observations to MADIS that don't currently exist in MADIS. In this step of the Clarus to MADIS transition only one observation for each road variable type will be added to MADIS. All observations for each RWIS variable type will be implemented by December 31, 2013 as part of the RWIS multiple observations of the same type task.

RWIS Contributor Role

The MADIS team will contact RWIS contributors once they have been updated/added to MADIS. RWIS contributors should verify that all observations that are being provided are available in MADIS by:

Clarus Team Role

In order for the MADIS team to implement the Clarus Qualtiy Checking Algorithms correctly in MADIS the Clarus team needs to provide the following to the MADIS team:

MADIS Team Tasking & Status

RWIS Observations That Need To Be Added To MADIS

RWIS Observation TypeStatus Completion DateRequired By
Ice Thickness (on the pavement)Completed06/28/201306/15/2013
Maximum Temperature (during the preceding 24 hours)Completed06/28/201306/15/2013
Minimum Temperature (during the preceding 24 hours)Completed06/28/201306/15/2013
Friction (the friction of the pavement)Completed06/28/201306/15/2013
Precipitation Start and End TimesCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Precipitation Three HoursCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Precipitation Six HoursCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Precipitation Twelve HoursCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Roadway Snow DepthCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Roadway Snowpack DepthCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Snowfall Accumulation RateCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Subsurface MoistureCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Black Ice IndicatedCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Surface ConductivityCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Surface Freeze PointCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Total RadiationCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Total SunCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Vehicle SpeedCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Visibility SituationCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Web Bulb TemperatureCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Mobile Head Lights Indicated (Yes/No)Completed06/28/201306/15/2013
Mobile Wipers Indicated (Yes/No)Completed06/28/201306/15/2013
Precipitation for the past 10 minutesCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Water Level ReadingCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
Wind SituationCompleted06/28/201306/15/2013
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