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Data Access and Delivery Systems


Development Efforts

Clarus Transition

RWIS Metadata display and dissemination

The objectives for this task are to be able to display and disseminate RWIS contributor metadata. RWIS contributors data & metadata will be fixed/added to MADIS as part of the RWIS contributors tasking.

RWIS Contributor Role & Clarus Team Role

The RWIS contributor and Clarus team roles are the same for this task.

MADIS Team Tasking & Status

MADIS Metadata Display And Dissemination Enhancements

RWIS Capability RequiredStatus Completion DateRequired Date
Display RWIS metadata.Started06/15/2013
Disseminate RWIS metadata.Started06/15/2013
Ability to disseminate metadata from all sites for an RWIS provider.Started06/15/2013
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