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Data Access and Delivery Systems


Development Efforts

Clarus Transition

RWIS Contributor Constaints Implemented

Contributor constraints is defined as the ability for RWIS contributors to flag observations as being suspect. The ability to do this will be developed by December 31, 2014 as part of the MADIS effort to develop Clarus Quality Control Algorithms in MADIS. Currently if MADIS flags an observation as suspect the observation will not be disseminated. The objective of this task is to allow the observations that have the manual flag set to be disseminated.

RWIS Contributor Role

Clarus Team Role

The Clarus team is not required for this task.

MADIS Team Tasking and Status

RWIS Contributor Constraints Implemented In MADIS

MADIS EnhancementStatus Completion DateRequired Date
Ability to Disseminate Contributor Flagged ObservationsNot Started12/31/2014
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