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The GSD Information Systems Branch's work is focused on collecting and processing environmental data; providing tools and access routines to make those data available for use by forecasters, analysts, and researchers; and providing means for users to share information among themselves and disseminate it to customers.

Major projects within ISB include development work for the National Weather Service's Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS), in the Decision Support Section, and the Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS), within the Data Access and Delivery Systems Section. See the section descriptions linked from the org chart below for information on these and other projects.

Global view of visible satellite imagery and topography (click for a full-size version)

The Branch comprises three sections:

Woody Roberts
Chief (Acting)

Becky Carlson, Administrative Assistant


Innovative Weather Delivery

Greg Pratt
Section Chief
Decision Support Systems

Joe Wakefield
Section Chief
System Support and External

Susan Williams
Section Chief

complete staff listing

staff and meetings calendars (Intranet)

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