MADIS Data Provider Agent

The MADIS Data Provider Agent (DPA) project is part of the second phase of the National Weather Service (NWS) Advanced Weather Information Processing System (AWIPS) Technology Infusion efforts known as AWIPS-II Extended Data Delivery ("smart push - smart pull").

The objectives for the AWIPS-II Data Delivery project are to develop an operational robust infrastructure to support "intelligent" access to non-local data provider datasets such as MADIS. The benefits to this approach are to support high impact forecast and decision assistance processes by allowing users to access just the data they need by space, time, parameter and to help mitigate demands on infrastructure associated with high growth in data volume e.g. ensembles, high-resolution models and GOES-R.

The MADIS team is working with the NWS Office of Science and Technology (OST) and Raytheon on a beta-release of these capabilites on the operational MADIS systems at NCO IDP by Q1FY16. Initial MADIS DPA capabilities are currently being tested between systems at NWS and the development MADIS systems at GSD.

Key features include:

  • Allow AWIPS-II users to access data not routinely delivered via SBN.
  • Use "Smart" push/pull technologies for users to request:
    • On an ad-hoc basis.
    • Through subscription services.
  • Users can temporally, spatially, and/or parametrically subset datasets:
    • Reduces bandwidth.
    • Reduces data processing at receiving AWIPS sites.
  • Integrate request/receive functionality into AWIPS-II.
  • (DPA) Strategy:
    • Work with data providers and Integrated Dissemination Program (IDP) to support AWIPS-II requirements; Services will be standards based to be as compatible as possible when IDP comes on line.
  • Smart bandwidth management:
    • AWIPS WAN delivery.
    • SBN Subscription Channel.