Paul Fukumura

Staff Listing

Paul Fukumura

Electrical Engineer / Facility Maintenance

Mauna Loa Observatory

Mailing Address:
NOAA - Mauna Loa Observatory
1437 Kilauea Ave. #102
Hilo, Hawaii, 96720, United States

Phone: (808) 933-6965 x223

Paul Fukumura

Paul maintains and calibrates several programs at MLO, including the ESRL Solar Radiation program, University of Denver FTIR program,  and NIWA Spectral U.V, GMD MET Program, CSU UVB program, ANSTO Radon and NASA Aeronet program. He is also responsible for managing facility maintainence, and participates in the routine observing schedule at MLO.

Paul also serves as the office’s timekeeper and CFC rep.

Awards: OAR Employee of the Year 2009