Safety is a top priority at NOAA. The NOAA Safety and Environmental Compliance Office (SECO) is the lead organization for safety at NOAA. We want all employees and contractors to "promote a safe and healthy, environmentally responsible, energy efficient work environment". All NOAA employees and their contractors are required to take the NOAA Employee Safety Awareness Course each year.


In case of Emergency: 911 or x7777 (on internal phone)
303-497-7777 (when using cell phone)
DSRC Medical Unit x3801
In case of Chemical Emergencies/Spills: NIST BSHED
* BSHED: Boulder Safety Health and Environment Division
(NIST under contract with NOAA)
x5375, option 3
NIST Police (non emergency) x3530
Regional Safety Manager: Rhonda Carpenter (303) 497-3912
Regional Environmental Compliance Officer: Mark George (303) 497-3064
GMD Radiation Safety Officer: Brian Vasel (303) 497-6655
GMD Area Safety Representative: Christine Schultz
(303) 497-5397

General Safety

Annual NOAA Safety, Environmental and Sustainability Awareness Course

Federal employees: Login through the Commerce Learning Center (CLC) to take the course and automatically track completion.

Cooperative Institute and Other employees: Access NOAA Safety and Environmental Compliance Office (SECO) sponsored training.

GMD Employees on the Job Accidents and/or Injuries

Additional information regarding accidents and/or injuries while on the job.

Radiation safety with regard to radioactive materials.

Additional information, documentation and procedures for handling low-level radioactive materials.

National Weather Service Safety Manual

Promoting a safe work environment is a top priority of the Earth System Research Laboratory, Global Monitoring Division (GMD) and GMD remains strongly committed to reducing safety related accidents and injuries on the work site. After careful consideration, we have selected the Safety Manual used by the NOAA National Weather Service (NWS) as our guidelines for written safety procedures. This guidance manual is comprehensive and updated periodically. Through adoption of the NWS procedures, GMD can focus on strategies and processes to better support a division-wide safety program.